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Imagine that suddenly you sleep well. Every night. You go to bed relaxed. You wake up refreshed. Imagine that suddenly your health and wellness improve. In turn, you find yourself performing better at work and having more energy at home. Imagine that your entire lifestyle is transformed--and it's all thanks to your weighted blanket.

The power of a good night's sleep simply can't be underestimated, and that's why the Corala Blanket was meticulously designed to swaddle you in scientifically-backed comfort. When you curl up under its enveloping embrace, you’ll instantly feel your worries start to wash away as you nod off into a peaceful night’s sleep.

You may say I'm a dreamer. But I'm not the only one...

what makes it unique?


a designer blanket

In a sea of drab blanket colors, our weighted blanket stands out gorgeously in 2019's Pantone Color of the Year: Living Coral. It makes for an outstanding color combination when paired with the neutral gray duvets included in the complete Corala set.

The peachy color with golden undertones, thoughtfully selected by color professionals from other shades found around the world, is an engaging and nurturing hue that helps imbue your bedroom with optimism, life, and joyfulness.

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comfort isn’t seasonal


a complete set

You deserve to enjoy your Corala blanket year-round, which is why it's made using only 100% soft, breathable cotton. The complete set includes our premium 60x80" Queen size 20 lbs weighted blanket in lovely Living Coral color and also comes with a summer duvet and a winter duvet, to ensure you always have the perfect level of insulation.

Best of all, the entire set is shipped in an attractive gift box suitable for gifting or storing your blanket.

premium quality


premium materials


The Corala Blanket is made of pure 100% cotton fabric (233TC), filled with 170gsm 3D hollow fiber blend complete with odorless, non-toxic, lead-free glass beads. Never plastic or synthetics.

The Corala Winter Duvet is made of a luxurious minky fabric, which will keep you extra warm and cozy throughout the winter months. Both the blanket and duvets are washing machine safe.

The Corala Summer Duvet is made of pure 100% cotton, keeping you cool during the warmer months with breathable softness.

advanced design


Quilted with double reinforced stitches and edges to prevent leaking and improve durability.

A hidden zipper system design allows you to easily open and close the Duvets without compromising on the look or style of the overall set.

Eight long ties hold the Corala blanket in place inside the duvet, ensuring weight is always evenly distributed.

The Corala Blanket utilizes smaller-than-average 4x4" diamond squares to keep weight perfectly distributed.


feeling a bit down lately?


comfort is paramount

Juggling work, career, and family can be taxing. Stress is insidious, and can wear down even the most driven among us. One of the most common symptoms of stress could be poor sleep quality and anxiety. Do you find yourself tossing and turning at night trying to sleep? Or waking up still feeling tired?

Comfort is paramount to a good night's sleep. But sometimes, not even thousand-thread count blankets or expensive luxury memory foam mattresses can calm your mind and body enough for restful slumber.

That’s why you need a weighted blanket.

how does it work?


cutting edge research

The Corala Blanket is specifically engineered to be about 7% to 12% of your body weight. It works by harnessing the power of deep touch stimulation.

By gently distributing deep pressure across your body, the Corala Blanket increases serotonin and melatonin levels. (Serotonin promotes relaxation while melatonin plays a critical role in the sleep/wake cycle.)

Using a weighted blanket will equate to better mood, more restful sleep, and--ultimately--a more productive lifestyle.

the gift of
good sleep


express your love

Help family and friends relax and beat the stress of daily life: our Corala Blanket comes in a gift-ready box. There is no better gift to anyone than showing that you care. A complete weighted blanket set is just the way to express your love. It is a fine birthday or Valentine’s Day gift, holiday present, anniversary or Christmas gift.

Or just simply to express your love. Any time.

fall in love or your money back

The Corala Blanket ships to the lower 48 states for free and arrives within 2-3 days on average.

The Corala Blanket is guaranteed to improve rest. If it doesn’t help you sleep better, you’ll get a 100% refund. In fact, you can keep the blanket for a full 30 nights in order to conduct a complete in-home trial.

If you don’t see improvement during that time period, simply return it. We’ll pay the return shipping and issue a full refund, meaning you have nothing to lose. If you decide to keep it, we even provide a 1-year warranty against defects to ensure you always get a good night’s rest.



The Corala Blanket ships to the lower 48 states for free



If it doesn’t help you sleep better, simply return it.



Full refund. It’s that simple. You have nothing to lose.



covers defects in material or workmanship as well.

Corala blanket - Adult Premium Weighted Blanket in Living Coral Color
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Corala Blanket - weighted blanket set for adults

Your order includes:

  1. Premium 60” x 80" inch, 20 lbs Corala Weighted Blanket in lovely Living Coral color

  2. FREE Winter Duvet Cover in grey dotted minky fabric

  3. FREE Summer Duvet Cover in pure 100% cotton

  4. Packaged in our Corala gift box

  5. FREE shipment to the lower 48 sates

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