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Feeling a bit down lately?

Have you ever struggled for hours to get to sleep, only to wake up within minutes feeling even more exhausted than you did before? Looking for a solution?

The fact is, the average American doesn’t get enough sleep each night. The National Sleep Foundation actually reports that as much as 45% of the population consistently suffers from “poor or insufficient sleep,” and that has to change.

Sleepless Nights Can Quickly Become a Daily Struggle

With your partner drifting off to sleep the moment their head hits the pillow, you can be left feeling alone, stressed, and exhausted as you stare at the ceiling for hour after hour.

But Your Life Doesn’t Have to be That Way.The key thing to remember is that you’re not alone, because natural, proven relief is only ever a click away. Check the Best Quality Weighted Blankets here.

Lez from Corala Blanket

I am Lez, Founder and CEO of Corala Blanket. 

I’ve been where you are, trying every sleep system and dietary change you can imagine just to fall asleep. The process left me exhausted, stressed, and so anxious I could barely function. 

I began searching for a proven, natural solution and was determined to conquer my insomnia for good. Then one day I discovered the life-changing benefits of Deep Touch Pressure (DTP), and it all changed. 

My Breakthrough Moment 

I was up late one night and found DTP had been proven to relax body and mind by simulating the feeling of being hugged and held all night long. It reduced stress and anxiety, and enabled anyone in the trial to drift off to sleep in just a few minutes. 

When I told my friend about this she told me she actually had a product that could help me. It was a weighted blanket designed to promote DTP all night long. 

Benefits of Weighted Blankets

  • Makes you feel like you’re being hugged – all night long

  • Calms your racing thoughts and lulls you to sleep

  • You will feel more secure and relaxed

  • Benefits of weighted blankets are endless.

How a Quality Premium Weighted Blanket works?

Higher Sleep Quality

With a weighted blanket, anyone can achieve deeper, higher quality sleep thanks to its ability to increase serotonin levels which relieves stress and anxiety

Deep Touch Pressure

The Deep Touch Pressure (DTP) of a weighted blanket is what promotes better sleep. DTP has long been studied and is now a common method for relieving stress, anxiety, and sleeplessness.


Backed By Science

DTP is a proven phenomenon. Sleep studies prove that applying DTP to the body triggers the release of serotonin, a hormone connected to relaxation and sleep.

The Mental Health Effects of Covid and Lockdown

Without a doubt this has been the most trying and traumatic year of many people’s lives. When Covid-19 reared its ugly head the new normal swiftly turned into social distancing, lockdowns, widespread panic and economic crisis.

While some have managed to deal with this as best as they can, there are others who have sustained a significant impact on their mental health. Anxiety, depression, fear and PTSD have taken over many people’s lives.

Anxiety during this period is manifested through less social support, separation from loved ones and a complete and sudden loss of freedom.


Research based evidences

“Weighted Blankets may be of help for anxiety or insomnia” 

– Dr. Cristina Cusin, assistant professor of psychiatry, Harvard Medical School.

“I was able to just focus on the present, and that made it easier to fall asleep”

– Christina Heiser, ABC News

Weighted Blanket Buying Guide – Change your life!

  • Imagine that suddenly you sleep well. Every night
  • You wake up refreshed
  • Imagine that suddenly your health and wellness improve
  • you find yourself performing better at work and having more energy at home
  • Imagine that your entire lifestyle is transformed
  • The power of a good night’s sleep simply can’t be underestimated.

You may say I’m a dreamer. But I’m not the only one…

Here you can read our Weighted Blanket Buying Guide about how to buy a weighted blanket

weighted blanket premium

Customer reviews


Vogue Magazine

I recently tried… a new weighted blanket which is filled with glass beads that purport to swaddle you to sleep;

… four months after I’ve been sticking to a plan designed to mitigate my own insomnia-causing triggers, my bed is no longer a torture chamber where I spend untold hours in despair.

Reader’s Digest

“Sinking into seasonally appropriate, super cozy bedding is one of the ways to make your home feel like a luxe hotel.”


“If your mother-in-law is struggling with getting enough shut-eye, give her this comforting weighted blanket.”

Thrifty Nifty Mommy

“My husband and I have both felt more rested every single morning since we got it, even on nights we only got 4 or 5 hours of sleep!”

The Best Weighted Blankets 

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