Corala Design Guide

please note that Corala Blanket is no longer manufactured but you can check our Best Weighted Blanket reviews and find your dream blanket.

Comfort is paramount

Juggling work, career, and family can be taxing. Stress is insidious, and can wear down even the most driven among us. One of the most common symptoms of stress could be poor sleep quality and anxiety. Do you find yourself tossing and turning at night trying to sleep? Or waking up still feeling tired?

Comfort is paramount to a good night’s sleep.

Mental illness? Strange symptoms?

Do you have some well known illness or just a bunch of symptoms no one can explain? Have you ever struggled to address your mental or physical issues? Do you sleep good?

Read more about the Benefits of using a weighted blanket.

Cutting edge research

The Corala Blanket is specifically engineered to be about 7% to 12% of your body weight. It works by harnessing the power of Deep Touch Stimulation.

By gently distributing deep pressure across your body, the Corala Blanket increases serotonin and melatonin levels. (Serotonin promotes relaxation while melatonin plays a critical role in the sleep/wake cycle.)

Using a weighted blanket will equate to better mood, more restful sleep, and–ultimately–a more productive lifestyle.

Corala Blanket complies

As you may have read about the most important aspects of choosing a weighted blanket in our Weighted Blanket Buying Guide, you will soon realise that Corala Blanket passes every criterion. Our blanket was designed to satisfy every imaginable demand – thanks to the deep and detailed requirement research we have done.

Let’s see one by one how we comply:

Complete set

You deserve to enjoy your Corala blanket year-round, which is why it’s made using only 100% soft, breathable cotton. The complete set includes our premium 60×80″ Queen size 20 lbs weighted blanket in lovely Living Coral color and also comes with a summer duvet and a winter duvet, to ensure you always have the perfect level of insulation.

Best of all, the entire set is shipped in our attractive Corala Gift Box suitable for gifting or storing your blanket.

Designer blanket

Corala’ colors were thoughtfully selected by color professionals. In a sea of drab blanket colors, our weighted blanket stands out gorgeously in 2019’s Pantone Color of the Year: Living Coral. It makes for an outstanding color combination when paired with the neutral gray duvets included in the complete Corala set.

Advanced design

  • blanket is sewn with 4 inch square pockets allowing the weight to be evenly distributed

Premium materials

  • 100% cotton filled with real glass beads
  • Warm minky fabric for winter
  • 100% cooling cotton for summer

Visual design

Apart from the above-mentioned variables, taking into account other considerations when shopping for weighted blankets are beneficial as well. As such, visual design has an important role to play. And in the line of stylish bedding, Corala blankets are distinctive while serving as attractive and luxurious home decor items. Also, Living Coral (the color of Corala blankets) is the winner of the 2019’s Pantone Color of the Year.

Dual weather weighted blanket

Further, the fact that duvet covers (summer and winter ones) accompany the blanket is another aspect that goes in the favor of Corala blanket kits. The accompanying neutral grey-colored duvets with the blanket make for an amazing color combination and is one of the reasons for their raging popularity. Also, with duvet covers for your weighted blanket, you do not need to wash your blanket often; only wash the duvet covers regularly.