Depression natural remedies


Depression: natural remedies

Depression affects over 16 million adults in the US, constituting over 6.5 percent of the adult population in America. Causes of depression are several. Genetic considerations, environmental issues, psychological aspects, alterations in the neurotransmitter levels of the brain – all can lead to depression.

Several conditions could worsen due to depression which includes Arthritis, Obesity, Asthma, cardiovascular illnesses, Diabetes, and Cancer.

Due to depression affecting such a large populace, patients are now increasingly relying on natural treatments for their recovery.

Doctors prescribe medicines as one of the ways to treat depression. However, taking medications has a range of side effects. Nevertheless, you can combine both medical and natural methods, as part of your depression treatment.

If you are looking for a natural treatment for depression, then opt for weighted blankets. The use of gravity blankets (or weighted blankets) is rising among people suffering from mental, emotional and physical disorders because using them helps to enjoy restful sleep during night-time.

Depression what are the symptoms

Depression affects people in different ways. However, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders opines that major or clinical depression lasts for around 2 weeks. And the patients show symptoms such as sadness, lack of interest in activities, in addition to the following signs.

For ascertaining clinical depression, the medical experts conduct a medical diagnosis. Also, depression is treatable, with the availability of an array of medications and therapies. Even so, you must know when to seek depression help. Talk to your doctor upon realizing you are showing signs and symptoms of depression, particularly when you’re having suicidal tendencies.

Suffering from mental health disorders (including depression) come with a stigma, though greater awareness has helped to reduce the stigma.

Types of Depression

Among the different causes of depression are the psychological and environmental ones.

Women who give birth to children are likely to suffer from depression for the subsequent year. Hormonal changes and adjusting to new parenthood may cause emotional upheavals. Additionally, post delivery, new mothers are likely to be sleep deficit, have high-stress levels, and suffer from loneliness. Such issues lead to depression, with varying levels of severity. Now, if ailing from depression after baby delivery, be sure to get postpartum depression help for your speedy recovery.

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) or winter depression is another type of depression that affects people during the fall and winter months. Persons suffer from SAD due to lack of sunshine. Because of sunshine shortage during wintertime, the body produces less serotonin hormone, leading to depression.

Moreover, with less sunshine, Vitamin-D synthesis does not occur in the body – which causes depression.

Through the menopausal interval, women get depressed as well.

Weighted Blankets and depression

Whichever disorder you are suffering from, the doctors will always recommend getting adequate sleep. In recent years, weighted blankets are increasingly being preferred to enjoy restorative sleep. Normal healthy individuals are opting for weighted blankets for a good night’s sleep.

Here, we have listed the many ways in which weighted blankets help you to sleep better.

Deep Touch Pressure

Weighted blankets are seen as one of the effective ways to overcome depression because of the Deep Touch Pressure (DTP) effect. As part of DTP therapy, the calming of the nerves ensues due to the weight of the blanket.

Besides, the blanket has a firm touch, pressing the deep touch receptors all through the body. All the same, weighted blankets are effective to ground the body, inducing a sense of body relaxation. Additionally, by stimulating the deep pressure points, the brain produces more serotonin.

There are also many deep pressure calming activities that adults can do to help relax their muscles and joints by providing input to the proprioceptive and sensory systems. Weighted blankets can even help ease loneliness by providing deep pressure, companionship and a sense of connection.

Knowing the body’s response to touch is vital to understand how DTP helps in alleviating depression. Firm but gentle touch lowers heart rate and blood pressure levels.

Less Cortisol and More Serotonin

Cortisol is the stress hormone that the adrenal glands secrete during tense situations. As such, glucose enters the bloodstreams for the body to act suitably during stressful times.

Serotonin or the ‘happy’ hormone helps to deal with anxiety while imparting a sense of overall wellbeing. In addition to inducing relaxation within the body, serotonin helps the body to release melatonin or the ‘sleep-inducing’ hormone as well.

A weighted blanket stimulates the deep pressure points in the body. Additionally, the heaviness of the blanket facilitates the release of serotonin and melatonin. The cortisol levels in the body reduce as well. With a rise in serotonin levels and fall in cortisol levels, the body prepares to sleep better.

Movement Restriction

Weighted blankets are hefty and the heaviness can restrict your movements. Staying in one place for a long time helps in falling asleep.

Depression: Other Natural Remedies

The best ways to deal with depression is by practicing natural remedies. Sure, you can use weighted blankets under natural therapies, but make sure to combine with other natural treatments too.

Exercising is beneficial

One of the most effective ways to fight depression is through following a regular exercise regime, preferably in the outdoors. Then, you can increase vitamin-D synthesis in the body – which is beneficial for your overall health.

Through exercise, the body releases endorphins or ‘feel-good hormones too. As a result, you can enhance your mood while keeping depression and other mental health disorders at bay.

Also, you need not practice high-impact exercises. Simply start with the low-impact ones. These include walking, gardening, swimming, jogging, among others. Moreover, increase the time limit gradually, starting from 30 minutes per day.

Yoga Nidra

Performing Yoga Nidra can heal the body holistically and is one of the best ways to help depression and improve sleep. It Goes with basic yoga poses and focuses on your mind.

Meditation and Mindfulness

In addition to weighted blankets, meditation is another technique to create a favorable atmosphere for sleeping. Yes, meditation helps to reduce cortisol levels and increase serotonin levels in the body. More so, meditation techniques make us more mindful of our surroundings; and with greater awareness, your mood remains upbeat.

If you are into crystals then you can sleep with a rose quartz it can improve your night time slumber.

Eat Healthy

Depression sufferers must also watch what they eat, as one of the ways of self help for depression. For if they are gorging on processed and fast foods, they increase their proneness to depression. Instead, try adding nutritious foods in your diet, for you can increase the serotonin levels in the body by doing so.

Among healthful foods, add foods with Omega-3 fatty acids, protein-rich and healthy fat varieties to your diet.

Other dietary recommendations for depression treatment include pro-biotic foods like yogurt, leafy green vegetables, chocolate, fatty fish varieties, green tea, and blueberries. Consuming these foods can increase energy levels while reducing fatigue and mood disparities.


Having a support group is a good way of beating depression too. Talk to your friends and family members, who understand you and are supportive. You feel lighter if you share your emotions with others and can go a long way in enriching your mood. Also, at times, they may give valuable advice going by their own experiences which can help to overcome emotional turbulences.

Sleep on the beach at night

Some people believe that sleeping on the beach at night can be a great way to relax and de-stress. It can also be a fun activity to do with friends.

Use warm lights at night

The color of the light is very important you should choose a warmer light bulb for sleep. The most sleepy color is amber, especially an orange-sunset red, as it is warm and rich and extremely calming.

Depression and Insomnia

Depression and Insomnia are interrelated; Insomnia is one of the signs and symptoms of depression.

As per research studies, you are prone to depression if you’re sleeping for less than 6 hours a day. Also, if you have depression, then you are likely to suffer from Insomnia. Notwithstanding whether depression causes Insomnia or vice versa, both conditions go hand in hand.

Weighted blankets help to effectively manage depression, anxiety and various other mental health disorders. Also, Insomnia patients are susceptible to depression and sleeping well is crucial to thwarting depression. So be prudent and apply natural remedies to sleep better and improve your mood.

Depression: FAQs

Can depression cause anxiety?

Anxiety and depression have different causes, but the symptoms of both conditions overlap. Also, over half of those who have depression suffer from anxiety as well. Among the common symptoms of depression and anxiety are mood swings, irritability, inability to concentrate, and nervousness.

By applying DTP, weighted blankets can help in easing the symptoms of both depression and anxiety. Gentle, firm pressure on the skin gives a sensory touch to the nervous system and calms the nervous system.

With anxiety and depression, patients suffer from paranoia and nervousness. And weighted blankets provide relief from the discomforting symptoms of both these mental disorders.

How effective is cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) for depression?

CBT is commonly applied to treat depression, anxiety, and several other mental health conditions. Under CBT, the patients are encouraged to talk about their problems. And through talk therapy, they can manage the disorder symptoms by modifying their thought and behavioral patterns.

What are the different types of therapy for depression?

As part of depression therapy, the doctors advise CBT, Behavior therapy and Psychotherapy.

CBT is talk therapy that focuses on changing negative reactions for psychological distress. Under Behavior therapy, the effort is to modify harmful behavior that is related to psychological agony. As part of Psychotherapy, the experts work on mental and behavioral disorders via talk therapy.

Can depression be described as a disease?

As per recent research studies, depression comes under systemic diseases. Systemic illnesses affect the entire body while localized illnesses affect only a single portion of the body.

The medical experts are not clear about the difference between illnesses of the mind and body. Though, the definitions of both conditions overlap. However, depression is understood to be both a disorder of the mind and body. Further, they do not deem depression to be a disease, for that does not encapsulate the complex nature of the condition.

However, if a person perceives to be ailing from depression, then they must get depression help and consult the doctors.

What are the symptoms of depression in women?

Depression in women affects their emotional and physical well being, mood, cognitive functions, sleep habits, and general behavior. Under cognitive dysfunction, they talk and move slowly. More so, the disorder affects their physical health. In turn, they suffer from low energy levels, changes in appetite, headaches, cramps, and fatigue.

What is functional depression?

Depression affects people in varied ways. The causes of depression are social and biochemical ones and the disorder symptoms vary from person to person.

Some people also suffer from functional depression. As such, they can go about their daily lives normally. Though, they remain unhappy or suffer in silence or struggle with addictions. Besides, they can sustain their relationships and friendships and keep regular schedules.

What is the difference between situational depression and clinical depression?

Sure, situational and clinical depressions are alike, though both conditions differ. Over time, situational depression resolves and talking about the problems helps in the recovery process. On the other hand, the person is showing clinical depression symptoms, if they do not recover soon.

Depression is real

Depression is not curable and preventable, only manageable – so says the medical community. However, do not lose hope. More importantly, take all measures so you sleep well at night. Consider the option of weighted blankets and experience a real deep sleep.

Many people have witnessed favorable effects by using heavy blankets, for they can sleep well through their use. Be assured that no side effects have been perceived through their use and normal individuals are also opting for them.

People have started to realize that sleeping soundly is of utmost importance for their overall well-being. Thus, weighted blankets are gaining much popularity nowadays.