Weighted Blanket Buying Guide

 How to choose a Weighted Blanket – Buying Guide

What is a weighted blanket?

They are bulkier than basic quilts, duvets and comforters. And no, they are not a new concept. Occupation therapists have been prescribing the use of a weighted stress blanket for coping with sensory-linked symptoms for several decades now – particularly for patients on the autism spectrum.

They are designed for improving your sleep quality. More importantly, you must discern that sleep is important if you want to lead a happy and healthy life. All the same, weighted blankets for sleep are recommended by the sleep experts for those grappling with sleeping troubles.

Weighted blankets are safe to use in general but there are some important rules and risks which must be noted and handled.

Many groups of people face difficulty falling asleep fast or staying asleep. Patients who are diagnosed with anxiety, depression, Autism, Restless Leg Syndrome, Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder are unable to sleep soundly, it is suggested to use weighted blankets for better sleep.

Choose a Premium Quality Weighted Blanket

Choosing a weighted blanket requires careful consideration. With a plethora of options available in heavy blankets, selecting the ones that are suitable for you may not be as easy as it seems. We have seen that weighted blankets impart a range of benefits for the mind, body and spirit.

Now, are you looking to learn more about weighted blankets before going shopping for them? If yes, you can refer to this weighted blanket guide.

Here, we will explore the different aspects to consider as part of your shopping expeditions for a heavy weighted blanket. Because you want your investment in these effective sleeping aids to be worthwhile, right?

The General Rule

Going for a premium quality weighted blanket is the general rule. Surely, they may be more expensive than the other available brands but there are always special sales promotions to get some cheap weighted blanket. Premium weighted blankets serve the intended purposes better – that is promoting restorative sleep.

They are easier to maintain, last longer and contains more value like added duvet covers or gift box. Overall, always opt for premium products for they come with guarantees of best quality workmanship and are manufactured via strictly audited processes.

Corala’s Weighted Blanket fits for use. It fulfils every demand we think a premium weighted blanket should. Check out the Corala Design Guide to learn more about this amazing premium weighted blanket.

Dual weather weighted blankets

Since weighted blankets are heavy, many people wonder whether ‘are weighted blankets hot?’. The good news is that a range of options in cooling weighted blankets is available. Using them, you can sleep comfortably all through the night. Yes, you can avail the 100% cotton varieties that are deemed the cool weighted blankets. Also, due to their soothing and soft and breathability aspects, the cotton-based weighted blankets serve as dual weather ones – meaning, you can use them all the year round.

On the other hand, if you are cold-natured and look forward to warm up in heavy blankets, then go for weighted blankets like fleece or flannel, because they hold in heat.

Also, during the cooler months, you can choose to go with the warmer flannel ones; and the best blankets for summer sleeping are the cooler breathable varieties.

Look for Weighted Blanket Sets

As part of the cotton weighted blanket kit, you receive a blanket that is made of 100% cotton material, which is stuffed with weight. More so, keeping in mind the importance of temperature, the kit contains weighted blankets duvets. A summer duvet and a winter duvet constitute the kit as well. The weighted blanket summer duvet is composed of 100% cotton fabric; and the winter duvet is made of a warmer, softer minky fabric.

Having weighted blanket covers is advantageous because of their easy-to-clean features. Besides, both the blankets and duvet covers are washable in the machine –as easy as that.

Also if you are looking for stress-free gifts for your friend or family member’s upcoming birthday or anniversary or any such momentous occasion, presenting a weighted blanket kit is a good idea. The blankets and accompanying covers come packaged in a gift box.

Premium Design of weighted blankets

The design of weighted blankets is another consideration to ponder over. Among the best options in weighted blankets, the ones having small-sized diamond square patterns constitute a wise buy. Because the smaller square pockets facilitate even distribution of the weight across your body. Also, quilted designs that come with two-fold reinforced stitches and edges should be your pick. Such weighted blankets do not leak and, hence, are considered more durable. Also, opt for blankets with duvets having hidden zipper systems. Furthermore, look for ties to attach the blanket to the duvets.

Always use Natural materials

The material composition of weighted blankets is among other variables to consider during your shopping endeavours. Softer and breathable fabrics are the preferred choice of many patrons.

And if you are pondering about ‘what are weighted blankets made of, then know that the inner weighted blanket should be made of 100% cotton, containing glass beads as stuffing material; they must not contain harmful chemicals like the plastic fillings.

The winter duvet is usually made of warm minky fabric; and the summer duvet should be a cooling cotton-based one. For the winter months, you can go for the minky weighted blankets; and during summertime, the cotton weighted blankets. Also, in plush weighted blankets, the best blanket material is considered to be cotton.

Organic cotton weighted blankets are popular for their breathability and cooling aspects.

Natural Weighted blanket filling

Would you like to know what makes a weighted blanket heavy? Well, they are composed of various fillings for making them heavy. Also, weighted blanket fillings determine the weight and feel of the blankets.

Now, to answer your question on ‘what is in a weighted blanket’, note that the constituents of weighted blankets vary. They could be filled with organic rice or common sand or glass beads or poly pellets which are composed of plastic materials, among other stuffing materials.

However, always choose fillings of real glass beads for weighted blankets. They are non-toxic and odourless and serve as a better choice than plastic or synthetic fillings.

More so, organic weighted blankets containing glass bead fillings are sleek and slim because not many beads are used for their bulking. Weighted blankets with glass beads serve as a better choice for their smooth texture as compared to plastic pebbles that have a pebble feel.

Weight of weighted blankets

Do you want to know how to determine weight for a weighted blanket? If yes, then you may be interested to know that as per some sleep experts, the basic rule of thumb relating to weighted blankets is the 10 percent rule. As such, the recommended weight for weighted blankets is 10 percent of the user’s overall weight.

Now, going by the 10 percent rule, if you weigh between 90 lbs to 110 lbs, a 10 lb weighted blanket seems suitable. For persons weighing from 70 lbs to 90 lbs, a 8 lb weighted blanket suffices. And in cases of people weighing in the range of 50 lbs to 70 lbs, a 6 pound weighted blanket is a recommended buy.

Conversely, others say that the weighted blankets weight should be approximately 7 to 12 percent of your body weight.

If you are wondering what weight for a weighted blanket for children, you can go with the ones that weight around 10 percent of their body weight with an additional 1 to 2 pounds.

However, on an average, a 20 lbs weighted blankets has witnessed favorable results for adults weighing between 140 to 340 lbs. Nonetheless, different people have varying needs; some need heavier ones and other lighter ones.

Regarding how much should a weighted blanket weigh, some experts claim that the person’s weight does not matter, rather you must consider your comfort factor. So, if you are comfortable with a 20 lbs weighted blanket, then go ahead and opt for them.

The best is to use the Corala Weighted Blanket Calculator which is an online interactive tool developed to help you find the ideal weight of a weighted blanket. This calculator follows best practices for choosing the right weight for a weighted blanket and takes into account your individual bodyweight or the combined weight of a couple.

Size of weighted blankets

You can avail weighted blankets in different sizes and shapes. However, always go with weighted blanket that seem right for you. Thus, do not shop for full-size weighted blankets or twin-size weighted blankets or king size weighted blankets. Instead, opt for the ones that are long enough for covering you from chin to feet, if you prefer things that way. In general, the experts suggest applying the Chin-to-Feet rule when considering the weighted blanket dimensions.

To add further to your query on ‘what size weighted blanket should i get’, select the ones that are wide enough to adequately cover you.

To know more about what size weighted blanket is suitable for you, consider the mobility issues. Surely, for a king size bed, a king weighted blanket is ideal. Even so, smaller weighted blankets are more apt for use during car rides or flights. More so, when sitting on the sofa, you can wrap a weighted throw blanket.

Also, you can check the weighted blanket size chart before your purchases. Generally, for weighted blankets, widths between 30 to 38 inches are mentioned for children. While for adults, widths between 36 to 40 inches are deemed appropriate.

More so, if you are shopping for weighted blankets for your child, remember that they your children will grow. Hence, be prudent and buy the slightly longer ones for them.

When pondering what size weighted blanket to get, consider whether the person has sensory issues as well. Because some people do not feel comfortable with their entire body covered. So, base your choices on whether the person wants to partially or completely cover their feet.

The size and thickness of the pocketed squares of weighted blankets after they are sewn together is another important consideration. Going by how thick you want your weighted blanket, make your choices accordingly.

Nevertheless, as per research reports, weighted blankets overhanging on the bed is never advisable. So, for your queen size bed, opt for a queen size weighted blanket that will lie flat. The right size weighted blankets for your bed ensures that the excess weight does not shift from you when you’re asleep.

Also, the queen size blankets are the most popular among the varied weighted blanket varieties. Research studies further indicate a 20 lbs weighted blanket for your queen size bed serves your purpose of sleeping soundly – suitably and comfortably that is.

Weighted blanket price

Budgetary considerations are important ones during your purchases for expensive goods and services. And the same rule applies when you’re searching for weighted blankets. Now, if you are wondering how to buy a weighted blanket, exploring the online stores is a good starting point. They stock up an array of weighted blankets of varied sizes and shapes.

And if you want to know how much weighted blankets cost, then note that most companies price their weighted blankets around $100 or above up to $2-300.

Sure, you can avail the option of cheap weighted blankets sales as well. Though keep in mind that the really cheap ones rate lower in quality and do not come with any warranties and guarantees.

Rather than going for cheap weighted blankets, consider purchasing premium-quality weighted blankets if they fit into your budget. And if you’re wondering why are weighted blankets so expensive, then know that they are far more advantageous than the ones available at weighted blanket sales.

Best-quality weighted blankets are superior to the cheaper varieties because they of their high rate of effectiveness in getting sound sleep. Also, they are made using premium quality materials, having the assurance of the finest workmanship. Further, they offer premium services by way of warranties. Of course, the companies offer shipping services and that too, within the promised deadlines.

And if a premium-quality weighted blanket does not fall within your budget and you’re keener on affordable weighted blankets, then always study about the company from which you are planning to procure cheap weighted blankets for adults. Also, carefully consider the weighted blankets price and the services rendered and follow by making a balanced decision when you buy weighted blankets.

Weighted blanket for babies

Keep in mind that children below 2 years do not possess the requisite motor skills to adjust to weighted blankets. As such, the child faces the risk of becoming overheated upon using a weighted blanket. Also, they may not be able to pull the blanket away from their faces which may prove to be dangerous for them. Even so, do not allow your children who are less than 8 years old to use weighted blankets as a safety precaution. Most importantly, a child who weighs lower than 20 pounds should never use a weighted blanket. Also, newborns and children who are less than 2 years of age are not prescribed the use of weighted blankets – notwithstanding whether their weight is 20 pounds or lesser.

Weighted blankets for kids

The sleep experts opine that children are comfortable sleeping with weighted blankets that weight 10% of their body weight. More so, the use of children weighted blankets is strictly advised for children – and not the adult-size ones. Also, use weighted blankets for your children only if they can pull the blanket on and off with ease. Avoid using weighted blankets for your child if they are heavy for them.

More importantly, only use weighted blankets for children, weighted blankets for autistic toddler and weighted blankets for teens after consulting your doctor.  Weighted blankets for kids are recommended if they are suffering from sensory-linked issues or autism. However, make sure that they are able to maneuver the blanket on their own beforehand.  Also, where kids weighted blankets are concerned, the recommended weight should be 5 pounds for children weighing between 70 to 90 pounds.

Adult weighted blanket

In the case of adult weighted blankets, make sure the blankets weigh around 20 pounds for adults weighing between 160 to 200 pounds. Adult weighted blankets in the range of 10 to 15 pounds are also advised for teenagers and adults who weigh between 100 to 160 pounds.

The best weighted blanket for adults are the cotton-based ones because of their soft and breathability features.

Weighted blanket for elderly

Weighted blankets for elderly and weighted blankets for adults are generally considered safe. The elderly groups can use weighted blankets as natural sleeping aids during the night; and through the day, for naps for regaining rest and restoring calmness.