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How to combat Anxiety and Insomnia

Now, more than ever we are living in very trying times.  We have been born into a world where everybody wants to get ahead in a fast-paced society.  This together with financial worries, relationship issues and many worldwide concerns can sometimes get the better of even the most well-adjusted people.  Symptoms of Anxiety Unfortunately, many …

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How To Recognize And Treat Depression Amidst COVID19

The year 2020 will forever be remembered as the year that one of the worst pandemics made its appearance into all of our lives. Unfortunately, many of us are starting to feel the depression, stress and anguish associated with this pandemic and the many disruptions that it has brought into our lives. The question remains, how do we combat this depression without turning to prescribed medication that could turn us into walking zombies?


Try Japan’s Kaizen Way to improve insomnia

Finding a fantastic night’s sleep is also vital for our emotional and bodily wellbeing. Sleep quality and sleep sensitivity will be exactly what we ought to be planning to enhance. But how can we do this? There are some speedy and easy things you could do tonight to help get your sleep.


Boost Your Immune System. Tonight.

Take care of your body, and it will take care of you. That’s especially good advice right now, as the global response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak continues to rapidly evolve.


How To Get Enough Sleep Even If You Are Busy

With a lot of deadlines to meet, with several responsibilities to attend to, with the alarming rate of distractions from traditional and social media and with the unplanned event of traffic, road rage and other factors, that are not named here, it is no surprise that sleep is more elusive than ever.


Anxiety Gone

We can all achieve a stronger, better and brighter life if we just take the time to understand ourselves, our illness and those around us.


The Importance of Giving

We have grown to love them. We love their wrappings; we love the surprise effect we get when we pop them open or unwrap them. We are filled with excitement, surprise, but ultimately, love.


Are You Getting Enough Sleep?

Many people continue to try and slip by without getting proper rest, and that leads to long-term issues that can be harder to recognize. 


How to sleep better with Massage

Abby explains her favorite back massage techniques to get you relaxed and have a full night of sleep – using a Corala Weighted Blanket!

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Do Weighted Blankets Actually Help Sleep?

Do Weighted Blankets Actually Help Sleep? Most likely, you’ve heard of them before–but does the hype hold up? That’s the question everyone is hoping to get an answer to, and the truth might surprise you.

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How to Redesign Your Room for Better Sleep

There are plenty of research-backed ways that you can redecorate your bedroom to help improve your sleep, and they won’t take a trip to the nearest furniture store.


7 Reasons to Take a Staycation

Escaping the hustle and bustle of everyday life should be considered a necessity these days.  There are plenty of reasons to convince yourself why you deserve a staycation. Here’s a look at 7 

remedies for insomnia

Why You Need To Use a Weighted Blanket? (And Why NOT!)

Why Better Sleep Matters? Regardless of the presence of any diseases or conditions, deep touch pressure is effective for both healthy children and adults by helping to promote better sleep. That translates into better focus during the day and a healthier body overall.