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  • The Importance of Giving

    We have grown to love them. We love their wrappings; we love the surprise effect we get when we pop them open or unwrap them. We are filled with excitement, surprise, but ultimately, love.

  • Rebecca Brand loves our Corala Blanket!

    Rebecca Brand carefully tested and used our Corala Weighted Blanket and she simply fell in love. Here you can check out her review video!

  • Do Weighted Blankets Actually Help Sleep?

    Do Weighted Blankets Actually Help Sleep? Most likely, you’ve heard of them before–but does the hype hold up? That’s the question everyone is hoping to get an answer to, and the truth might surprise you.

  • Why You Need To Use a Weighted Blanket? (And Why NOT!)

    Why Better Sleep Matters? Regardless of the presence of any diseases or conditions, deep touch pressure is effective for both healthy children and adults by helping to promote better sleep. That translates into better focus during the day and a healthier body overall.