Where to Hang a Dream Catcher: The [Best] Places and Ideas

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Where to Hang a Dream Catcher

I remember when I first got my dreamcatcher. It was in middle school, and I was at this “phase” where I thought anything Native American was super cool (honestly who wasn’t). So when my mom saw a dreamcatcher in a store, she bought it for me without hesitation.

Now, years later, that same dreamcatcher hangs above my bed. And while its cultural meaning has changed for me over the years – from a phase to now being part of my identity – its symbolism has not.

For me, it’s a reminder that no matter what goes on in my life, good or bad, there’s always something beautiful to catch.

What are the best places to hang a dream catcher?

Dream catchers are versatile and can be hung in various places to serve their intended purpose. Traditional dreamcatchers are commonly placed above the bed to catch and filter out dreams. The ideal location for a dream catcher with dazzling or crystal beads is near a big window with lots of natural light.

The higher the dream catcher is, the more natural light it will receive from the window. It is believed sunlight is helpful for cleaning a dream catcher. Thus, a large window with plenty of sunlight is a great location to hang a dream catcher.

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In general, the best place to hang a dream catcher is the ceiling of the room and close to the head of the bed. Other places to hang dream catchers include the bedroom window, nightstand, and bedroom door. Dream catchers can also be hung above the entrance of a home or on a deck or front porch to attract positive vibes.

Type of DreamcatcherPlacement in the HouseReason
TraditionalAbove the bedTraditional dreamcatchers are commonly placed above the bed to catch and filter out dreams
Window HangingNear a windowPlacing a dreamcatcher near a window is believed to help filter out negative energy
Nursery DreamcatcherBaby’s roomNursery dreamcatchers are often hung in a baby’s room to promote peaceful and sweet dreams
DecorativeLiving roomDecorative dreamcatchers can be placed in the living room to add a unique aesthetic touch
OutdoorPatio or gardenOutdoor dreamcatchers can be hung on a patio or in a garden to bring positive energy
different types of dreamcatchers and their suggested placements in a house

For unconventional spaces, dream catchers can be hung in a car or on a backpack to bring positivity and protect the user from negative energies. When hanging dream catchers, it is essential to consider the space they will be displayed in and their intended purpose.

Why place dreamcatchers in the bedroom?

The bedroom is the ideal place to hang a dream catcher as it is where we relax and sleep. Placing a dream catcher above the bed, on the bedroom wall, or near the window can create a serene and peaceful ambiance while protecting us from unpleasant dreams.

Whether you choose a simple or embellished dream catcher, hanging it in the right place can bring about positive and motivating dreams.

selective focus photography of multicolored dream catcher

Dream catchers are a popular talisman that is believed to protect us from bad dreams and nightmares while we sleep. The concept of dream catchers originated in Native American culture and has since gained popularity around the world. The primary purpose of a dream catcher is to catch negative dreams in its web-like structure while allowing positive and beautiful dreams to flow through the feathers and onto the sleeping person.

What are the benefits of using a dream catcher?

1. They can help to bring clarity to your dreams

Dream catchers can help bring clarity to your dreams by filtering out negative thoughts and energies while allowing positive ones to flow through. The intricate design of dream catchers is meant to capture bad dreams and nightmares, which get tangled in the web-like structure and held captive until the morning light, when they are released. Meanwhile, positive dreams can pass through the holes in the web and glide down the feathers to the dreamer.

By hanging a dream catcher near your bed, you can promote peace of mind and reconnect with the natural environment, allowing for a more restful and rejuvenating sleep.

2. They can help to bring calm to an environment

Dream catchers are an excellent way to promote peace of mind and relaxation in any environment. They come in various colors, each with their own unique benefits. For instance, green dream catchers are ideal for preventing nightmares, lucid dreams or negative thoughts during the night, while white dream catchers are perfect for promoting meditation and relaxation in bedrooms or workspaces. Just like listening to white noise – funny eh? Red dream catchers stimulate appetite and mood, making them ideal for placement in social areas like terraces or dining rooms.

Dream catchers can also serve as meditation tools when hung on a visible wall and combined with sacred artwork, candles, incense sticks, and energy stones. Overall, dream catchers are a magical way to bring calm and positive energy to any space, from a home’s entrance to a car’s rearview mirror.

3. They can help to filter out negative energy

Dream catchers can act as a filter for negative energy, promoting peace of mind and helping us reconnect with nature. Placing natural elements of positive energy, such as stones or crystals, in the room where it is hung can activate its power. Sleeping with rose quartz crystal is a great way to feel good.

Dream catchers can also be used as meditation tools, enhancing focus and concentration. By combining dream catchers with protective stones, they can become powerful discharge amulets that promote harmony and connection between people.

4. They can help to bring more positive energy into an environment

Dream catchers have long been associated with promoting positive energy and well-being in an environment. They are believed to filter out negative dreams and promote a sense of calm and relaxation. By hanging a dream catcher in a space, you can bring a sense of positivity and well-being into the environment.

5. They can help to bring more harmony into your life

Dream catchers are more than just beautiful decorations; they can also bring a sense of harmony and peace into our lives. Each color of dream catcher has its own unique benefits, from promoting good relationships to stimulating creativity. Many people have found that incorporating dream catchers into their daily lives has helped them to feel more grounded, centered, and connected to their higher selves.

The best places and ideas for hanging a dream catcher

1. Bedroom

The best way to hang a dream catcher in a bedroom is above the bed or on the bedroom window. If the dream catcher is large, it can be hung above the headboard or on a blank wall to create a serene ambiance.

For smaller dream catchers, the bedroom window is a common place to hang them. It’s important to consider the style of the room and choose a dream catcher that complements the decor.

For a romantic touch, a red coral dream catcher can be hung in a couple’s bedroom, while a butterfly dream catcher can add a whimsical feel to a child’s room.

Regardless of the size or style of the dream catcher, it should be positioned to catch the most dreams.

2. Doorway

Dream catchers are a great addition to doorways as they provide a sense of protection and positive energy to all who enter. They are particularly useful in bedroom doors or front doors, where they can dispel any ominous sounds or bad dreams. To hang a dream catcher in a doorway, start by selecting a dream catcher that fits the size of the doorway. The dream catcher should be hung high enough so that it does not interfere with movement through the doorway.

A creative idea is to use multiple dream catchers to create a bohemian-inspired entrance. Hang them at different heights and sizes for a unique look.

3. Living Room

When it comes to hanging a dream catcher in your living room, there are a few key spots to consider.

  • hanging a beautifully handcrafted dream catcher adorned with crystals on the living room window will not only add a touch of beauty to the room but also allow natural sunlight to come in.
  • hanging layered dream catchers with long strands and beautiful long feathers on a blank wall will create a stunning focal point and add character to the room.
  • When it comes to the size of the dream catcher, larger ones can transform into gorgeous pieces of art when hung on a bare wall. If you already have wall art, consider the three-dimensionality of a dream catcher to add more character to the room.
  • you can also get creative by incorporating dream catchers into other aspects of the living room design, such as hanging them on a plant stand or using them as a centerpiece on your coffee table.

4. Balcony

When it comes to hanging a dream catcher on a balcony, think about the style of your balcony and the size of the dream catcher. If you have a small balcony, a smaller dream catcher might be a better fit. Consider hanging the dream catcher in a corner of the balcony where it won’t obstruct any views.

If there is no suitable place to hang it, you can try attaching it to a plant hanger or even hanging it from the ceiling.

5. Meditation Area

To create a peaceful and serene meditation area with a dream catcher, start by choosing a location in your home that is quiet and restful. Hang the dream catcher on a visible wall to improve focus and concentration. Add sacred artwork, candles, incense sticks, and energy stones to enhance the meditation experience. Choose colors like green, white, turquoise, and blue for a calming atmosphere.

Remember that dream catchers are perfect for promoting peace of mind and helping you reconnect with the natural environment. Wherever you feel harmony, inspiration, or protection is needed, that is where your dream catcher should go.

6. Office

Dream catchers can be a great addition to any office space, not only for their aesthetic appeal but also for their potential benefits. Studies have shown that dream catchers can help reduce stress and anxiety, which can lead to increased productivity and creativity. When choosing a dream catcher for your office, consider the style and color that best fits your aesthetic.

For a more minimalist look, a simple white dream catcher may be best, while a more bold and colorful office may benefit from a vibrant, patterned dream catcher. When hanging your dream catcher, consider placing it in a prominent location, such as near your desk or in a common area, to promote positive energy and good relationships among colleagues.

7. Yard

When hanging a dream catcher in your yard, it is important to consider the type of dream catcher you have and the location that would be most suitable for it. For example, larger dream catchers adorned with crystals would look great above the entrance of your home, while smaller ones would be perfect for your deck or front porch. To incorporate the dream catcher into your yard decor, you can hang it from a tree branch or attach it to a wooden post.

8. Home Interiors

Dreamcatchers are versatile and can be incorporated into any home interior with ease. Here are some ideas and locations for hanging dreamcatchers that will complement different styles and color schemes:

  1. Living Room: Hang a beautifully handcrafted dreamcatcher adorned with crystals on the living room window with lots of natural sunlight coming in. Alternatively, hang layered dreamcatchers with long strands and beautiful feathers on the blank wall of your living room.
  2. Bedroom: According to conventional teaching, the most common location to hang a dreamcatcher is in the bedroom. Any size and type of dreamcatcher can be hung, and it will also enhance the interior design. For a romantic touch, hang red dreamcatchers that stimulate appetite and mood, perfect for placement in environments where greater socialization takes place, such as terraces, kitchen, or dining room.
  3. Workplace: Hang your favorite dreamcatcher at your workplace on the wall. These dreamcatchers will not only look amazing but will also bring positive energies, creating a supportive and inspiring environment. We recommend the Goldstone Dreamcatcher Wealth, Blue Goldstone Dreamcatcher, African Turquoise Dreamcatcher, or Aventurine Layered Dreamcatcher for your workspace.
  4. Outdoor Deck or Porch : Dreamcatchers, like other outdoor decor, look wonderful when kept indoors. Hang a dreamcatcher of any size in your outdoor deck or porch area to add a natural and calming touch to your home interior.

When incorporating dreamcatchers in your home, it’s essential to choose a size that will fit your needs. If you live in a small apartment, you may want to go with something smaller, like an 8″ dreamcatcher. However, if you have a larger space, go for something more extensive, like 12″ or 16″.

What are the rules for dream catchers?

When hanging a dream catcher, it is important to consider its purpose. If it is for decoration, follow your desire. But if it is for protection, it should be placed where it can be exposed to sunlight to eliminate bad dreams at night. The ideal placement for dream catchers is above or near the bed, as their primary purpose is to shield sleeping people from bad dreams. They can also be hung on doors or windows to block negative energies from entering the room. Dream catchers can be made using various materials, but it is recommended to choose those made of natural materials. Remember that dream catchers work best when the person using them believes in their magic and legends.


How do you hang a dream catcher?

To hang a dreamcatcher, you will need a hoop, string, beads, feathers, fabric strips, and a hook. Choose a location that receives natural light and is close to the head of the bed. Hang the hoop using the hook and thread the string through the center. Weave the string in a web-like pattern and insert beads as desired. Attach feathers to the bottom of the dreamcatcher using a binder clip. To create a decorative effect, attach fabric strips or suede lace to the bottom. Ensure the dreamcatcher is securely fastened to the hook and adjust the height as needed.

What is the best way to hang a dream catcher?

The best way to hang a dream catcher is by following two main criteria: as a decorative object or as a spiritual object. If you want to use it as decoration, there are no specific rules, you can hang it wherever you desire. However, if you want to use it as a protector, the ideal location is near a big window with lots of natural light, and it should be hung close to the head of the bed. This allows the dream catcher to do its work without interference from other objects.

When hanging it, you can use various materials such as fabric strips, suede lace, or leather strips to create a beautiful hanging effect. Additionally, you can insert beads into the strings and hang feathers from the dreamcatcher.

What is the best color to use for a dream catcher?

Dream catchers can be a great addition to your workspace or home office, helping you concentrate, inspire, and relax. The best colors for this purpose are green, white, turquoise, and blue.

  • Green is the color of hope, preventing nightmares and negative thoughts.
  • White represents balance and can be counteracted by black, which adds elegance and suits any decor.
  • Brown is the color of the earth, helping with decision-making and problem-solving.
  • Yellow is great for places where creativity is practiced, like studios or artists’ workshops, while also fostering relationships and improving mood in the kitchen or dining room.

How can I enhance the aesthetics of my dream catcher?

To enhance the aesthetics of your dreamcatcher, you can add personal touches like feathers, beads, gemstones, and fabric strips that have personal meaning to you. Hanging your dreamcatcher near a big window with lots of natural light will allow the sunlight to catch on any sparkling or crystal beads woven into the web.

Hanging multiple dreamcatchers with long strands and beautiful feathers on a blank wall can add character to any room.


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