How To Get Enough Sleep Even If You Are Busy


The alarm chimes, the time is 5:30 am, you have a few minutes of yoga to attend to, that’s after the first 30 minutes of scrolling through your mobile device or PC, checking your mails, responding to friend requests, sending in assignments and engaging in a guilty pleasure of surfing through the internet for gossip or filling up your shopping basket on your favorite store. If you are a lady, you will have to sift through closets filled with clothes to find the right outfit and if you’re a mother with kids in whatever ages or stages of development, the chance that you will need to attend to them or give instructions to their caregiver is extremely high.

Is It Really Necessary to Set an Alarm for 10pm in Order to Get Enough Sleep?

Wondering if setting an alarm for 10pm is crucial for adequate sleep? The answer lies in the concept of the best time to sleep 10pm-4am. While it may not be necessary for everyone, adhering to a consistent sleep schedule within this time frame can promote better sleep quality and align with the body’s natural circadian rhythm. Every individual’s sleep needs may vary, but implementing a routine that allows for sufficient rest is key.

Sleep more, sleep better

With a lot of deadlines to meet, with several responsibilities to attend to, with the alarming rate of distractions from traditional and social media and with the unplanned event of traffic, road rage and other factors, that are not named here, it is no surprise that sleep is more elusive than ever.

Early morning rituals

All of these activities and more has to be done before 7 am because you have a train to catch or you have several miles to cover to get to work. This early morning routine has become a ritual, one that happens every five days in a week, mind you, the men are not excluded.

The interesting part of this daily activity is not the fact that the day is filled with activity, but the fact that you didn’t get enough sleep the night before or you were bingeing on your favorite movie series till the early hours of the morning and you could only catch less than 2-3 hours of sleep. You are not alone, as a matter of fact, 3 in 10 people face the same problems, the problem of busy schedule and little sleep.

The truth is, your schedule might not get freer but your sleep can be more frequent and most enjoyable, here’s is how.

Plan your day

if you fail to plan, the chance that your day is poised to fail is absolutely certain. To enjoy a fruitful night rest, it is important to make the plans the day before. Included in your plans should be time allotted for eating, responding or addressing whatever issues that might arise when you get to your home and of course all your official all plans become fructified? Yes, most of the time, but always be open to modification of your plan but not total obliteration because of unforeseen circumstances.

Sleep early

The only secret to a health as a hard worker Is the combination of good sleep, diet and exercise. Unfortunately, most people fail in one, two or the three. Sometimes this failure could be intentional, other times, it could be unplanned. But as long as you have control over your time as a busy person always remember the secret of short and restful sleep is when you sleep early, especially if you are an early riser.

Catch naps

You might be one of the fortunate few who have access to a chauffeur-driven transportation, or maybe as a staff you are privileged to use the staff car, guess what that’s a privilege to catch a nap. If you are not that privileged, why not steal a few moments from your break time to get some rest. Those few moments will make up for the missed hours later.

man in black jacket wearing black headphones

Read a book

Some wise head once said, not everyone who reads are reading for enlightenment, most of them are reading for other reasons. After a long day at work, it is believed that the only thing you need after a cold/warm shower is rest not more work for your already tired brain. Grab a book and do just that, you will be surprised how fast you will fall asleep (boring books are recommended).

Wear sleeping apparel

Most times you are the problem of your lack of sleep and other times, you are not. As little as a change of clothing/ outfits can get you snoozing or keep you staring at the ceilings. With sleeping clothes, your mind and body will feel more relaxed because they are designed to be soft, snuggly and comfortable.

Be mindful of the light

Like most activities we always carry out, it is often the little things that make the big difference. The reason you always stay awake, wake up suddenly or wake up before the right time can be linked to your sensitivity to light. To overcome this and to prevent such occurrence, it is advised that you regulate the lighting in your sleeping chambers, you can turn it off or turn it low however you wish. If you do not have a bedside switch, arm yourself with one as it will help you control the light on the days where you are too tired to move your leg to the other end of the room, you can certainly move your hands, at least.

Use weighted blankets

You might get everything right but get it wrong regarding your bed and your blankets. If you are a hard worker or a busy person, the only reward for your labor should be moments of peaceful and blissful rest. With weighted blankets you get uninterrupted sleep without any need for stimulants, antidepressants and any form of therapy – you only need to simply enjoy the benefits of being weighted down. You can buy a weighted blanket for yourself even at IKEA – there is no excuse any more!

Read our detailed guide on how to use a weighted blanket correctly.

Learn to relax

The secret to a great night rest is more internally controlled than externally controlled. What this means is that real rest comes when you rest within. Some people retire to bed early, but they still spend their nights, plotting, planning and even worrying. This is responsible for sleeplessness and restlessness even if all the conditions for sleeping right are right.


By lezt

Lez Taylor, Founder and CEO of Corala Blanket. She tried every sleep system and trick to conquer her insomnia for good.