Undeniable Proof That “Beauty Sleep” Is A Real Thing


For thousands of years, people all over the world have told tales of the fountain of youth. A magical spring that restores youth and beauty, is surely a thing of great value. Sadly, the fountain of youth is just a myth, but don’t despair. The real magic behind clear and youthful skin is the simple act of getting a good night’s sleep.

It’s no secret, doctors and other wellness experts have been telling us all along that sleep is essential to optimal health. Your mind and body need to rest and heal each night in order to keep you healthy. Missing just one night of rest can make you look tired, dull and aged. Now try to remember how you looked and felt after a great night’s sleep. Chances are you were more alert, right bright eyes, clear skin, and a happy smile. It turns out that research and science both back up the idea of “beauty rest.”

The Connection Between Stress And Sleep Shows Up On Your Skin

When you’re stressed, your body produces a stress hormone called cortisol. Let’s face it, we are all under a ton of stress a lot of the time. Your cortisol levels naturally decrease back to baseline when you sleep but if you don’t get enough rest, as you can imagine, cortisol will stay in your system and create havoc for your health and skin. Routinely high levels of cortisol can interfere with nightly skin repair and promote more breakouts.

Cortisol also breaks down collagen that is needed for skin elasticity. That means people that don’t get enough sleep will experience premature aging. While you sleep, your skin’s blood flow increases and rebuilds its collagen. It also repairs any damage from sun exposure, reducing wrinkles and age spots.

Lack Of Sleep Leads To Dry Skin

Dry skin is dull, flaky and makes fine lines stick out like a soar thumb. Besides not drinking enough water, spending too much time in the sun, and living in a harsh weather climate, your skin can also become dry from a simple lack of sleep. Lack of sleep can promote inflammation along with skin-barrier, leading to a lack of hydration. To combat this problem, get more than 7 hours of sleep each night and drink plenty of water throughout the day. Most people are walking around dehydrated every day and have no idea, so drink even more water than you think you should. For some people, 8 glasses a day is enough and others need more.

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Amazing Ways Our Body Heals Itself During Sleep

It’s while we are sleeping that our kidneys and digestive system flush out toxins we’ve been exposed to from the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we ingest. In fact, the body does its very best healing and repair work while we are fast asleep.

Also, while we sleep, our skin cells are hard at work producing antioxidants for the next day. You’re going to need them in order to reduce free-radical damage to the skin from UV rays and other environmental toxins. Aside from rest, you can also get more antioxidants for your skin from green tea and certain fruits and vegetables.

Put An End To Overnight Breakouts

Have you ever gone to bed with clear skin and woke up with one or more pimples? Oil, dirt, and residue left on our skin when we go to sleep might be to blame. We tend to use a lot of products on our skin and of course, our skin comes in contact with the world around us all the time. Be sure to wash your face with a gentle cleanser before going to bed each night, otherwise, you are leaving behind a breeding ground for bad skin conditions.

What Are Some Strange Facts About Sleep that Relate to its Beauty Benefits?

Scientists have uncovered strange facts about sleep that may surprise you. One of its beauty benefits is that sleep deprivation can lead to dull and lackluster skin, while good quality sleep can result in a radiant complexion. Additionally, during sleep, your brain removes toxins that build up throughout the day. So, the phrase beauty sleep is no mere cliché – getting enough rest truly enhances your appearance.

A Few Final Words About Skin That Says “Woke Up Like This” With Confidence

Dermatologists or skin specialists use a range of medical and cosmetic surgical procedures to treat with medication or surgical intervention. But if you dream of a day when your skin looks as bright, tight and clear as the perfect Snapchat filter, then you’re in luck, because there is a simple solution to better skin. You need to be getting 7 to 9 hours of good quality sleep each night.

For some people, falling asleep is a struggle. Here are a few things you can do that will help you fall asleep faster at night:

  • Create the perfect sleep conditions by eliminating extra light and noise from your sleeping space.
  • Turn off any “blue light” (electronic device screens) at least an hour before you lay down to sleep. Science has proven that blue light keeps us awake longer.
  • Use meditation techniques to help you reduce stress right before bed.
  • Drink plenty of water and engage in some form of exercise at least 30 minutes each day.
  • If you have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep, try a weighted blanket to help you feel snug and secure all night long.

By lezt

Lez Taylor, Founder and CEO of Corala Blanket. She tried every sleep system and trick to conquer her insomnia for good.