The Importance of Giving


We have grown to love them. We love their wrappings; we love the surprise effect we get when we pop them open or unwrap them. We are filled with excitement, surprise, but ultimately, love.

They mean a lot to us, and they are a sign that we mean a lot to the giver. Most times, they are given on special occasions, other times they are given without any special event.

Two events will be taking place before the year grinds to a halt: Halloween and Christmas. While they might mean nothing other than public ceremonies and a day dedicated to wearing scary costumes, gorging on candies, or stuffing one’s belly with lots of food and other niceties, the fundamental reason why people love these days are because they are important days for caring and sharing.

Show yor care by giving the most valuable gift ever: better sleep.

5 reasons why giving a gift is essential

  1. Giving gifts is an expression of love: there are many ways to say “I love you” and topmost on that list is giving gifts. When you give gifts, it shows you had the person in your thoughts in spite of your busy schedule. It showed that you also understood the person enough to know the kind of gift that they will want and, most importantly, if the gift is wrapped or unwrapped, new or old, fanciful or not, luxury or not. Interestingly, contrary to what most people think, the value of a gift is not in the amount of the gift, it is in the heart behind the gift.
  2. As a means to strengthen relationships: the truth is, the world is a global village, and we may not be able to see our friends, loved ones, and associates every year or every decade, but here is what you can do to substitute for that. How do you think your pen pal in faraway Africa will feel receiving a gift attached to your letter during Christmas, or how do you feel your friend will feel if they get a lovely pack of Corala Blankets from you to use as a shield against the weather? Interestingly, you might never have the opportunity to see the person in maybe a decade, but the truth is, there is no denying that such a relationship will be stronger than any relationship where you guys see each other frequently with the exchange of gifts.
  3. Giving gifts is a way of showing gratitude: no matter how much you say thank you, sometimes the right gift is the perfect way to say thank you. Children can show gratitude and express appreciation to their parents for all the time, patience and the efforts invested in raising them by getting them gifts, friends can express gratitude to each other for always being there for themselves by giving them gifts, especially on their birthdays, or on special occasions like anniversaries, Christmas, you name it. Gifts are a perfect tool for expressing thanks.
  4. Gifts can be used to apologize: you know you have erred, you know you have offended, you know you have acted in a way that you shouldn’t if you are at a loss of how to apologize or how to get the perfect audience when you apologize. Try the power of gifts. With gifts, you can “wet the ground” (which means that you can use them to make the conversation or apology easier) have you offended your spouse? Buy them a gift. Have you offended a colleague or a boss? Send them a gift. However, don’t send gifts alone, follow it up with a phone call or a visit, or an attached letter.
  5. Gifts can be given for special occasions: its Valentine’s day, it’s your wedding anniversary or any of those special days, and you are at a loss of what to do. Get a gift for that special person to add a special touch to that special moment. It doesn’t have to be expensive. It doesn’t have to be antique; the most important thing is that it must, and it should be able to send a definite message. A message that states how excited you are to share such moments with that person.

The Perfect Gift Idea For This Season

Are you confused about what you want to get for that special someone or do you want to practice all you have just read as Halloween and Christmas approaches? Well, you’re like 60 percent of everyone in the world. These 60 percent know what to do, but they do not know what to get. We have got you covered. Nobody says no to a blanket, as a matter of fact, everyone loves a blanket, which means our blanket is one of the best gifts that you can give to anyone.

After the hustle and bustle that characterizes everyday life, the only thought on the mind of every individual is to curl up in their blankets and relax on their bed or couch or wherever they feel most comfortable.

Sadly, its either blankets are too heavy or scratchy or just not appealing to the senses. This always leaves people frustrated and sometimes agitated. Choose a weighted blanket from our review for your friend, loved one, or that special someone. Or simply go to the nearest IKEA and buy the IKEA Weighted Blanket.


By lezt

Lez Taylor, Founder and CEO of Corala Blanket. She tried every sleep system and trick to conquer her insomnia for good.