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Massage techniques and health tips to sleep better

Looking for a way to unwind after work and prepare your body for a good nights sleep? Would you like to get a calming sleep? Are you a subscriber to our blog? Then we have a surprise massage tutorial for you 🙂

Insomnia is something that affects so many people which is why we made this exciting massage video with Abby Alderete. She explains her favorite back massage techniques to get you or your loved ones relaxed and have a full night of sleep.

Relax with this calming massage tutorial showing techniques for insomnia. Many of the techniques she explains can be done by yourself or by your loved ones which making them particularly useful! Abby also shares other helpful tips you can use to help fall asleep fast.

It is a real soft spoken massage tutorial with health tips and by the way you can check out our beautiful Corala Weighted Blanket in this massage video.

Take your time and relax

Video was created by and presented on PsycheTruth Youtube Channel