Feeling a bit down lately?

Have you ever struggled for hours to get to sleep, only to wake up within minutes feeling even more exhausted than you did before? Looking for a solution?

Would you like to sleep better?

The fact is, the average American doesn’t get enough sleep each night. The National Sleep Foundation actually reports that as much as 45% of the population consistently suffers from “poor or insufficient sleep,” and that has to change…

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Corala Blanket – The Sleep Expert

We are Corala Blanket.

We have extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of weighted blankets and how to sleep better.

We have a background in occupational therapy, psychology, sleep products, we have conducted research and worked directly with clients who have used our weighted blankets to sleep better.

We are knowledgeable about the different types of weighted blankets, how to select the appropriate weight and size for an individual’s needs, and the potential Pros and Cons associated with using a weighted blanket.

In addition to providing advice and guidance on selecting and sleeping with a weighted blanket, we are currently involved in designing and testing new types of weighted products, researching the effectiveness of current weighted blankets, and developing best practices for incorporating weighted blankets into therapeutic interventions.

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